Prophet John Leary - Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ - Updated January 25-31, 2023 (2023)

Prophet John Leary - Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ - Updated January 25-31, 2023 (1)


Tuesday, January 31, 2023: (Saint John Bosco)

Jesus said, “My people, this is a long gospel reading that talks about persevering in believing that I could heal both people in today's gospel. The woman who bled for twelve years trusted that I could heal her if she would just touch my clothes. Despite the crowd pressuring me, I asked, "Who touched me?" Then the woman approached and I told her that her faith had healed her. Jairo also believed in my healing of his twelve-year-old daughter. I said I was sleeping and deleted the mourners. So I called the girl and she came back to life from the dead. It was the persistent faith of these two people that healed the woman and the girl. So go forward in faith too and trust that I can heal you if you pray about it.”

Monday, January 30, 2023: (Funeral Mass for Bishop Matthew Clark)

Jesus said, “My child, no matter how important you are in this life, everyone is called to die and leave this life. You remember at Mass how they say your life has changed and it's not over. Some say you have a new address. Bishop Clark was a kind man and allowed them to continue their mission, for which they are grateful. He served as the bishop of his diocese for many years, and many priests, bishops and people attended his funeral. Pray for all your priests and bishops who bring me to you for Mass."

Jesus said, “My son, you know that I can do the impossible to help those in need. You've seen unusual lights on your wall move like a curtain of light at least three times, and you have the movies to prove it. Have you ever seen a piece of stray glass appear on your windowsill when it wasn't there before. You saw a silver icon turn to gold a few years ago. When you built your chapel someone saw thousands of flies they prayed for and got rid of with a St. Michael prayer, holy water, sprinkler and a vacuum cleaner. These seeming miracles are a sign to you of how I will work miracles as you trust me to increase your food, water, and fuel needs in your shelter during the tribulation. You should also be ready to see how St. Joseph and I will accommodate 5,000 people with a tall building and a large church. Since I have shown small miracles, believe me that I can perform big miracles when they are needed to house and feed large numbers of people. Trust me and you will see greater wonders from my angelic protection and how I will feed your people.”

Sunday, January 29, 2023:

Jesus said, “My people, I preached My preaching of the beatitudes while blessing people with My words. Your priest talked about being happy like all Christians should be happy that you were blessed with faith. I want everyone to be blessed and to center their lives on Me. Learn from your mistakes and strive to do better in your life. Set a good example for your children by taking them to Sunday Mass. Show me how much you love me through your daily prayers, your attendance at Mass and your hours of adoration.”

Jesus said, “My people, you have been controlled by the people of the world, especially in your finances. Central bankers took their money in 1913 when they pledged dollars to pay off the debt. Later you saw the withdrawal of the gold that supported your dollar. Again you saw withdraw your silver-backed dollar. Soon, your dollars will be replaced with a digital dollar that can be used to track how you've spent your money. These people who are cracking down on their socialist leaders will soon run out of money as their accounts will be closed and their dollars will become worthless. This will lead to the mark of the beast I warned you about. As soon as evildoers threaten to kill you if you don't put the computer chip in your body, I will call my faithful to my havens and you will see my warning. Pack your packs to flee to My places of refuge, where My angels will protect you. Fear not the wicked, for you will be safe in My places of refuge where I will increase your food, water and fuel. I will cast the wicked into Hell and bring My believers into My Era of Peace."

Saturday, January 28, 2023: (Saint Thomas Aquinas)

Jesus said: “My people, this boat with the apostles and I represent my church led by Saint Peter. The storm terrified My apostles who thought we were drowning. The apostles woke me up from sleep to tell me about their fear of drowning. I shouted to the storm, 'Peace, be still', and there was a great stillness. Then I rebuked the apostles for their lack of faith that I would save them. The apostles still did not understand My Divinity and My power as God the Son to control nature. So that you can call on My faithful ones to help you with your daily problems. I often call you to trust Me and My Angels to overcome your fears. I will take care of your needs in this life, but you must ask for my help in prayer.”

Jesus said, “My son, do you remember when I called you to a 24-hour practice session for your prayer group. in your shelter I also asked you to do four more practice rides in hot and cold weather. Each time he did a practice run, he learned more about caring for his people with all their preparation. He did not use electric light from his mains and used his dry food and baked bread. You have not used your natural gas stove and heater. He used his LED flashlights which are powered by rechargeable batteries to light up the night. With some electricity provided by your solar panels, you can recharge your batteries. You used kerosene burners and your wood burning fireplace to heat your home. You baked bread on your CampChef propane and used your well water for drinking and washing. As their training has taught them to survive independently, I want all leaders in My refuge to do one or more training sessions to see how they can replicate what My Son has done. You think you might be prepared, but the drills will help you when the real tribulation comes. The fact that he is asking people to be ready in training is another sign to you that you are close to the Antichrist taking over. Trust me and my angels to protect my people and my shelters and how I will increase your food, water and fuel. Also, prepare to have Perpetual Adoration 24/7 and you will dedicate hours day and night to your people. During the Tribulation, Your Priest or My Angels will administer Holy Communion daily. In your worship, you place a consecrated host in a monstrance. Pray for their families to convert to the faith after the Warning during the time of conversion, so that they may be saved and admitted into My shelters by My angels."

Friday, January 27, 2023: (Saint Angela Merici)

Jesus said: “My people, the people of my time knew agriculture well, for that is how they cultivated their crops for food. So when I talked about how a grain of wheat has to die for the wheat to grow, it fits well with how people have to die to themselves in order to grow in faith in me. I also spoke about the fall harvest and how it relates to the harvest of souls who turn to faith. You must feed the harvest with water and fertilizer, just as you must feed your faith with prayer, confession and My Holy Eucharist. I love all my people and am calling all of you to come to me so that I can strengthen your faith so that you are ready to meet me at your judgment. Your spiritual desire is to be with Me in Heaven for all eternity. I spoke of separating the wheat of My faithful ones from the chaff of the wicked. That in the harvest I will gather the wheat in My heavenly barn and burn the weeds in Hell. These analogies of agriculture and souls still apply to all life on Earth.

Thursday, January 26, 2023: (St. Timothy and St. Titus)

Jesus said: “My people, I asked my disciples to go out to convert souls without money or extra clothes. They must stay in a house and eat what the host gives them, because My workers earn their wages to educate people about Me and My Messages. My son, you and your wife also traveled to spread My messages and your host even paid your travel expenses and fed you. They gave you a place to sleep and you didn't ask for a scholarship. I freely share My messages with you and you also share My messages freely. There are few workers, so ask the Harvester to send more people to harvest souls.”

Camille Remacle (Carol's dad): I could see my light flicker, just like Camille turned the closet light on and off for Herm and Donna. Camille said: "Thank you John for noticing me in the light going on and off. I can't believe how quickly Biden has ruined your country with inflation and an open border. You've prepared your shelter well and you'll need it soon. Your money will change and cause a lot of trouble. Say hi to Sharon, Vic and Carol for me."

prayer group:

Jesus said, “My people, this war in Ukraine started when Russia invaded Ukraine. Many cities were destroyed and many troops died in this war. You've seen a steady increase in the variety of weapon types used in this war. Now watch as Germany and the United States promise to send tanks to help Ukraine. Rather than escalating this war, it would be better to seek means for a truce rather than continuing this conflict. Putin even threatens the Third World War if lost on the battlefield. Keep praying for peace instead of escalating war."

Jesus said, “My people, Communist China is increasingly threatening to take Taiwan by force. As his country sends more weapons to strengthen Taiwan, it angers Red China and looks ready for war. If war breaks out with China, your treaties could bring your country into conflict with China. Many countries in this region are influenced by Red China's military might. Pray that war does not break out in Taiwan. A good part of the American microchips are manufactured in Taiwan, which would be a threat to its economy.

Jesus said, “My people, there are many threats to your people as the people of a world try to impose this digital dollar on your people. If the current dollar loses value, there will be a lot of resistance for people to lose their retirement money. Integrating a digital dollar into your current economy can be difficult. When there is serious conflict and your life is in danger, I will call My faithful ones to the safety of My places of refuge. My angels will protect them from the wicked and I will supply their needs in My places of refuge."

Jesus said: “My people, the House of Representatives is starting to examine confidential documents from former presidents and vice presidents. They will also be examining Hunter Biden's laptop footage. This will lead to some serious revelations about Biden's ties to Red China and Ukraine. You can even watch the events leading up to Biden's impeachment for betraying his enemies. Democrats will try to use the war in Ukraine to cover up any issues with confidential Biden documents. Get ready for serious discussions between your two parties.”

Jesus said, “My people, Republicans will try to compromise on limiting more spending even at the risk of not raising the national debt limit. These attempts to limit current spending could jeopardize paying off any debt created by overspending by Democrats. A government shutdown is not desired, but there will be difficulties to pay for the new spending. Pray that your two sides will reach an agreement without overthrowing your government."

Jesus said, “My people, your open southern border is destroying your border states with the large numbers of illegal immigrants and drug cartels taking over your border. Biden may have to fall back on Trump's plans to end this mess, as it could cost the Democrats a loss in the next election. It's a bigger problem than your media wants to admit. Pray that your border will be closed to drug cartels and millions of illegal immigrants."

Jesus said, “My people, you see the people of a world conspiring to overthrow your country and force them to join the North American Union. The Great Reset is the master plan to bring Antichrist to power across the world. You know from Scripture that there will be a time of tribulation when Antichrist reigns less than 3 1/2 years. The war in Ukraine can be used by the Antichrist as a means to show that he is a man of peace by ending this war. Evil will be allowed to reign for a while, but the wicked will be defeated at the Battle of Armageddon. I will put an end to this tribulation when I send My punishment kite on the wicked. My believers are protected from this comet by My angels in My places of refuge. The wicked will be cast into Hell and I will bring My believers into My Era of Peace when I will regenerate the earth. Trust me to protect my faithful from the wicked."

Wednesday, January 25, 2023: (Sao Paulo Conversion)

Jesus said: “My people, I gave Saul a wonderful conversion by my light that blinded him. His life changed dramatically from being a Jew imprisoning Christians to being a follower of mine after I taught him the faith. He was healed of his blindness in Damascus. His name was changed to Paul and he ended up becoming a great evangelist to the Gentiles to fulfill My plan for his life. I call on all my faithful to fight for the conversion of sinners. This is a mission for all My followers. I use seers to share faith in My Good News when I died and rose again to bring salvation to all those who accept Me into their lives. Trust Me and I will guide you on the path to be in Heaven with Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you depend on your farmers to produce your food, but they face the challenge of high prices for the acquisition of seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipment for the harvest. Fewer farmers are able to pass the farm on to their children because it is difficult to earn enough money to cover expenses at a profit. Every year there is a risk of rain and even damage from tornadoes due to weather conditions. Farmers also have difficulty getting a fair price for their crops. Pray for your farmers so they can continue to grow their food."

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